LP TIM Pidta. year 2518



Buddha / Budda. LP TIM Pidta. 2518


Lp Tim Wat Lahanrai – Rayong

Lived between 1879-1975; B.E. 2422-2518

LP Tim is one of the most famous and sacred Thai monk in Thailand.

He is very famous for his Khun Paen and Phra Pidta buddha.

His amulets make you successful in business, wealth and money. Luck, happines and good handle with relationship and family. Life protection, harmony and dealing with people. Charms and love attraction.


Phra Pidta / pidda: Buddha close his eyes and face with his hands and searching for peace and luck. Phra means Monk or buddha amulet and Pidta means close eyes.

Phra Pidta are very popular in Thailand for their strong protection. Even for wealth and luck.



Name: LP Tim . Phra pidta. Pim ma ha lap.

Temple: Wat Lahanrai

Province: Rayong

Age: year 2518 – 37 years old

Material: Neua Pong pasom wan. Sacred powder with compressed mix of 108 holy herbs etc.

Size: 4 *3 cm


original buddha and chanted of LP Tim. This is a genuine buddha amulet.

This amulet is protected of a case that comes with this buddha. The case will be including in the price.


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