Lp Suk / sok. pim sahm liam. 90 year.


Buddha / Budda. LP Suk / sook pim sahm liam. 90 year old.


LP Suk / Sook is one of the most famous and sacred Thai monk in Thailands History.

Lived between 1847 (BE 2390) – 1923 (BE 2466) From Wat Pak klong Makhamthao – Chainat.

Lp Suk buddha amulets are very famous in Thailand and specially for protection. They change bad things to good. Protect from dangerous, evilness and black magic. They are popular in Thailand and very rare. The Thai people will believe and heard that his amulets got many special stories and experiences.



This is a beautiful Buddha amulet from Thailand. Those Budda amulets are symbols of buddha, monks or other spirituals things from Thailand. They uses for bring luck, happiness, wellness, protection etc. If you use and wear them you will receive a good response from Thai people because you show respect for theirs religion and culture.


Namn: LP Suk . pim sahm liam. Yant back.

Age: around 90 year old.

Temple: Wat Pak Klong Makhamtao – Chainat

Material: nua wan, pasom nua pong. holy sacred herbs and powder

Size: 3,5*2,5 cm

original buddha and chanted by holy monk . This is a genuine buddha amulet.

This amulet is protected of case that come with this buddha. The case will be including in the price.


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