LP Ngern. year 2515. 44 years.


Buddha / Budda – amulet . LP Ngern. 23 years old.

LP Ngern Wat Bangklan – Pijit. Was one of the most sacred and famous monks in Thailands history. His name Ngern mean “Money”. The thai people belives and speak about many stories and miracle his amulets can do. They can bring wealth, great fortune and much money. Also protect against danger and bad things.

Lived between 1810-1919; B.E. 2353-2462


This is a beautiful Buddha amulet from Thailand. Those Budda amulets are symbols of buddha, monks or other spirituals things from Thailand. They uses for bring luck, happiness, wellness, protection etc. If you use and wear them you will receive a good response from Thai people because you show respect for theirs religion and culture.


Name: Luang phor Ngern. rian

Temope: wat bangklan

Age: ca  44 years old. year 2515.

Size: 4 cm *3,5 cm

Material: nea tong luang – holy brass

image of Money bag for make you rich and wealth.

original and chanted of holy monk. This is a genuine buddha amulet.

This amulet is protected of a case that comes with this buddha. The case will be include in the price.

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