Buddha / Budda. phra kring LP Phrom. code.

Buddha / Budda – amulet. LP Phrom. Phra kring . code in bottom.

Year 2516- 40 Year .


LP Phrom from Wat Chong gae – Nakhorn Sawan

Lived between 1883 -1975 ; B.E 2426-2518. Was a famous monk in Thailand.

His amulets makes you rich and lucky. Help you be popular with charm. Avoid Danger.


Phra kring are a image off lord Buddha and mean klicking / ringing (kring = ring) buddha, The people believes that the pleasant sound from the ball inside the buddha when you shake it will give you happiness and harmony with you self. Give you better awareness about your spiritual mind and bring you wealth.


This is beautiful Buddha amulet from Thailand. Those Budda amulets are symbols of buddha, munks or other spirituals things from Thailand. They uses for bring luck, happiness, wealth, protection etc. If you use and wear them you will recieve a good response from Thai people because you show respect for theirs religion and culture.


Namn: Lp Phrom. phra kring

Temple: Wat Chongkae – Province: Nakorn sawan

Size: 5 *3,5 cm

Age: year 2516. 40 year old.

Material: Neua torng daeng. – copper


original buddha, chanted and blessed of Lp Phrom. This is a genuine buddha amulet from holy monk.


This amulet is protected of a case that come with this buddha. The case will be including in the price.


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