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Phra somdej. Lp Phrom. 30 year. Code back!
Phra somdej. Lp Phrom. 30 year. Code back!
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Budda - amulett. LP Tim . Year 2518.


Budda - amulett. LP Tim . Year 1975.

This are a popular year by collector (2518). That year he died.

Lp Tim Wat Lahanrai - Rayong

Lived between 1879-1975; B.E. 2422-2518

LP Tim is one of the most famous and sacred Thai monk in Thailand.

He is very famous for his Khun Paen and Phra Pidta buddha.

His amulets make you successfull in business, wealth and money. Luck, happines and good handle with relationship and family. Life protection, harmony and dealing with people. Charms and love attraction.


This are a beautiful Buddha amulet from Thailand. Those Budda amulets are symbols of buddha, munks or other spirituals things from Thailand. They uses for bring luck, happiness, wellnes, protection etc. If you use and wear them you will recive a good respons from Thai people because you show respect for theirs religion and culture.


Name: LP Tim. Pim Sae ma

Age: year 1975 - (2518). The year are printed back on the amulet.

Temple: Wat Rahanrai . Rayong

Material: Copper. Covered with silver.


Size: 4 cm * 3 cm

original buddha and chanted of holy Munk. This is a genuine buddha amulet.

This amulet comes with a case.

Budda - amulett. LP Tim . Year 2518.
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Budda - amulett. LP Tim . Year 2518.
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Budda - amulett. LP Tim . Year 2518.
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